Weston Razooli


Our first matchbox is designed by Creature Weston Razooli, an LA based filmmaker and illustrator. Weston collected matchboxes while travelling through India inspiring this Creatures matchbox. The matchbox is 10 cm x 10 cm and contains 120 matches.

About the Artist

Weston Razooli
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An LA based filmmaker and illustrator, Weston Razooli grew up in Park City, Utah. At age thirteen he was sent to boarding school in Southern California and then to design school in San Francisco. I first came across Weston's work through a photograph of a tag he did on a New York subway, but it is through his films that I have grown familiar with his very distinct (amazing!) artistic personality.

Along with film direction and writing, Weston works in illustration, production design, costume design, and film graphics.



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